Windows 10 was officially launched on 29th July 2015. Many new features have been introduced in Windows 10 that can provide ease to many users. It is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.  A free preview of windows 10 is available for those who signed up for the Windows insider program. People face many problems regarding windows 10. Here we will discuss 20 most common problems of windows 10 faced by many users.

Windows 10 not available for everyone

On the date of release of windows, 10 everyone wants to get windows 10 operating system but not everyone qualifies for the update of this operating system. Windows insider is the one that receive an update of windows 10. One can’t reserve an update of windows 10 until, they running Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Requirement of System

Windows 10 need special system requirement to run it. If one don’t have such system requirement then they can’t able to run windows 10. The system requirement includes:
        1 gigahertz (gHZ) processor or faster than it.
        32GB or 2GB RAM.
        16GB of free hard disk space.
        A Microsoft account and internet access are also needed for windows 10.

Trouble to Activate Windows 10

Microsoft provides many previews of windows 10 for their clients. But there is a complaint from the customers that windows 10 have some troubles to activate it. Then later on Microsoft tells the clients that there are many settings to do on windows 10, so that’s why it is bringing problems on activation.

Forced Updates

Windows 10 bring clients to update their applications forcefully that will crash the entire system. This is the major and the most irritating problem occurred by windows 10.

Wi-Fi Password Sharing

Windows 10 come with a feature known as Wi-Fi sense that was also found in Windows 8.1. It enables users to share your Wi-Fi access with your contacts on Facebook, Skype, and outlook too. This feature automatically shares your Wi-Fi password that is also a problem.

No Response from Printer

Users complain that after installing and running Windows 10 on their systems, they found no response from the printer. For this one has to re-install the printer driver and settings.

Finding Favorites

The other problem that people face on windows 10 is they won’t able to transfer pages that were favorites on the browser. One should not able to transfer their favorites on bookmarks.

Fail to Mail

In Windows 10, one can't able to make folders and subfolders which you can do on Windows 8.1. People also the complaint that their emails are failed to send and one can’t customize their emails with windows 10.

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